About Our Team

From a simple consultation to a complete inventory and wardrobe analysis, Styled NEW You will help you improve your look from head to toe in accordance with your own personality and lifestyle.

Together we'll decide what should stay and what should go in your closet and teach you how to dress and shop for your body. A personalized list of essential must-buy items will be provided to pull your wardrobe together and bring your image up-to-date.

After incorporating the new pieces, a "look-book" with your pictures from your old and new wardrobe will keep you organized and make dressing for any occasion stress-free!

Our Work Team

- Olga Szwed
Expert in fashion industry: Stylist, Fashion Designer and Professional Clothier
Visit Olga's Web Site: www.olgadelacouture.com
- Andre Belmont
Photographer & Retoucher
Visit Andre's Web Site: www.andrebelmont.com
- Liliya Velet
Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist

Who We Are

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    Andre Belmont - internationally published professional photographer.
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    Olga Szwed - expert in fashion industry: stylist, fashion designer and professional clothier
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    Liliya Velet - professional hair stylist and make-up artist

Our Capabilities